How to import supercars from Dubai in 5 Simple Steps


Are you planning to bring home your next Super Sayara from Dubai? *Sayara means Car in Arabic!
Dubai is no doubt the supercar capital of the world and home to numerous uniques supercars that you would want to own someday.
Being on the center of the world map and sophisticated ports like Port of Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, and Al Hamriya Port, Dubai has indeed become the best spot to import and export supercars to all the countries.
We will help you understand how you can import supercars from Dubai in 5 Simple Steps. Let’s find out.

1. Eligibility of Entry

2. Deciding Shipping Port in the UAE

3. Choose a Shipping Port in Your Country

4. Get Quote from the Shipping Company

5 Coordinate with our Branch Manager till your SuperCar reaches your Garage!         


Eligibility of Entry

After you establish a connection with a supercar dealer or a manager from a supercar dealer such as Mr. Mohamed Zayed from Stoub Biz to import your supercar to your country. We will need to find out the eligibility for entry to your country.
This simply means that we will have to determine your vehicle’s eligibility to import to your country or determine the need to modify the vehicle to meet your countries import standards.
Your manager in Dubai can help you find that once you confirm which country you want your vehicle to be in.
Let it be Thailand, Singapore, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia or Cambodia, every country has it on import laws and taxes.
Generally, foreign-made car imported for personal use or sale are dutiable at 2.5%

Deciding Shipping Port in the UAE 

Before you start with the obvious deciding on which shipping port in the UAE from, you’ll need to understand the costs of importing a vehicle from UAE, which will include the following:

– Freight and Insurance charges when shipping your vehicle
– Wharf and transport charges at the port but charged after your vehicle arrive
– Storage and delivery charges after your vehicle arrive
– Duties, Tax, and Fees, including the gas guzzlers tax
– Cleaning the undercarriage of foreign soil
– Registration and insurance requirement in your country
– Other charges such as import processing, customs brokers and logistics service providers charge

Choose a Shipping Port in Your Country

You can suggest to us which Shipping Port you would have the vehicle to be shipped or our experts can decide how we go about it and provide you with further details once that has been done.

Get Quote from the Shipping Company

If you are a supercar dealership or have experience in importing cars, you would already know a shipping company with you who you would be comfortable working with or our manager can help you find the most reliable company to import on your
Once we decide on the shipping company, we will get you a quote from them for their service.

Coordinate with our Branch Manager till your SuperCar reaches your Garage!

Whether you are a supercar owner or a car dealership, our branch manager would be coordinating with you until your vehicle reaches your garage or showroom. 

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