Motomads’ Unforgettable Encounter with Supercar Extravaganza in Dubai


When the renowned automotive journalist/presenter and luxury car sales expert, Shahzaman Thottan, led the Motomads team to Dubai, they knew they were in for something special. The Motomads team embarked on a journey that promised to be memorable, and their visit to Stoub Biz Motors, accompanied by Nikhil Thekkumkoottahil, the Marketing Manager, lived up to every bit of that promise. The showroom tour turned out to be an extraordinary experience as they were left awe-struck by the jaw-dropping supercar collections.


A Meeting of Automobile Enthusiasts

Shahzaman Thottan, popularly known in the automotive industry, has built a reputation for his insightful car reviews and luxury car sales expertise in India. His dedication to the world of automobiles made him the perfect leader for the Motomads team on their adventure to Dubai. The team consisted of individuals who shared an unwavering passion for automobiles, making this journey to Dubai a dream come true.

A Grand Tour at Stoub Biz Motors

Stoub Biz Motors, welcomed the Motomads team with open arms. Stoub Biz Motors is no stranger to luxury, and their showroom in Dubai is a testament to their commitment to showcasing some of the finest supercars and luxury vehicles the world has to offer. Nikhil, known for his marketing acumen in the automobile industry, led the team on an unforgettable tour.

As the Motomads team entered the showroom, they were immediately immersed in a world of automotive extravagance. The spacious, well-lit showroom was adorned with a dazzling array of high-performance supercars and luxury vehicles. From iconic brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren to the latest releases from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Maybach, the showroom was a haven for automotive enthusiasts.

The team couldn’t hide their astonishment as they admired the sleek curves, powerful engines, and exquisite craftsmanship that went into each vehicle. Shahzaman Thottan and his team were already well-acquainted with the finer points of automotive excellence, but Stoub Biz Motors took it to a whole new level.

A Kaleidoscope of Supercars

The Motomads team was greeted with a breathtaking lineup of supercars. Lamborghini’s iconic designs, exemplified by the raging bull emblem, stood proudly on display. Ferrari’s sleek, aerodynamic masterpieces oozed speed and precision. McLaren’s supercars, known for their remarkable performance, were showcased in all their glory. The team also marveled at the timeless elegance of Porsche’s 911’s, Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled opulence, and the refined craftsmanship of Bentley.

For the Motomads team, it was a symphony of automotive excellence, and the showroom tour felt like a visual feast. Each car told a unique story, reflecting the brand’s heritage, innovation, and dedication to automotive perfection.

A Day to Remember

The visit to Stoub Biz Motors was not just about admiring these magnificent vehicles; it was a day filled with knowledge-sharing, insights, content creation and experiences. Shahazam Thottan engaged in conversations with Nikhil Thekkumkoottahil, discussing the trends and developments in the automotive industry. The Motomads team also got a sneak peek at the showroom’s state-of-the-art service and maintenance facilities, demonstrating Stoub Biz Motors’ commitment to ensuring the longevity of these prized possessions and procurement of best automobiles to Dubai. 

This unique encounter with the supercar collections of Stoub Biz Motors was an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the Motomads team. It reaffirmed Dubai’s status as a global hub for luxury and automobiles, and it showcased the passion and dedication that individuals like Shahazam Thottan and Motomads Team bring to the world of automotive excellence. The Motomads’ journey to Dubai will be remembered as a day when dreams met reality and luxury cars became more than just machines – they became works of art.

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