Top 10 Dubai Based Youtube Channels For Car Enthusiasts


YouTube is a treasure trove of content, but with its vast expanse, it can sometimes be a challenge to discover the right channels. The YouTube algorithm often favors views over quality, which may result in the overlooking of exceptional channels, both new and established. To help fellow car enthusiasts navigate this labyrinth, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Dubai-based YouTube channels that cater to the automotive aficionado in you.

If you share our passion for cars and supercars, these channels are a must-subscribe:

Top 10 Dubai Based Youtube Channel for Car Enthusiast

Top 10 Dubai Based Youtube Channel for Car Enthusiast


Undoubtedly, Supercar Blondie takes the top spot on our list. If you’re a true petrolhead and aren’t following Alexandra Mary Hirschi, you’re missing out on the pulse of the supercar world. Alexandra, known as Supercar Blondie, and her husband, Nik Hirschi, globe-trot to capture exclusive videos of exhilarating supercars, sharing them with the world through their social media channels. This Dubai-based former Radio Jockey has become a motoring influencer of unparalleled global significance.

YouTube Channel 
YouTube Subscribers: 15.3 M


 Arab GT, an Arabic YouTube channel dedicated to all Car Fans and Motorheads around the world is simply a show not to miss. It’s a YouTube channel that provides the largest Arabic content for cars on the Internet, with exclusive coverage of the most prominent global events and follows up to the latest car news, in addition to detailed experiences for the latest car models.
Arab GT has produced more than 2300 test-drives around the world with more than 350 million views. Their fan page on Facebook is the second-largest automotive media in the world and the YouTube channel is one of the top 10 channels with the most subscribers.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 3.63 M


 Based in the UAE, Drive Arabia is another notable Arabic automotive YouTube channel. Their accompanying website,, is the Middle East’s go-to source for comprehensive car buying guides and detailed road tests. Known for their in-depth car reviews, Drive Arabia consistently picks exciting vehicles to showcase.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 14.2K


Vandified, a relatively young automotive channel in Dubai, specializes in reviewing cars in Malayalam. Remarkably, the channel started just this year but is rapidly gaining popularity and attention among the Malayali audience in the UAE. Their growth can be attributed to high production quality, a great sense of humor, engaging and informative content, and an unwavering passion for cars.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 19.3K


Motoring Middle East is a trusted source for motoring news, views, and reviews from the Middle East and beyond. Helmed by a team of authoritative and seasoned car journalists, their videos are characterized by professional and insightful car reviews that remain engaging from start to finish. If you seek practical car reviews before making a purchase, this channel is a valuable resource.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 16.7K


DriveMeOnline is a captivating automotive YouTube channel managed by Sudeep Koshy, an advertising expert, and a passionate car reviewer. This channel complements the motoring website,, by offering video content on test drives, car reviews, new car launches, unique motoring experiences, and intriguing stories uncovered during drives. Sudeep’s eloquence, presentation, vocabulary, and profound car knowledge make his reviews compelling even for non-car enthusiasts. He also operates other YouTube channels for exclusive review videos and Malayalam reviews.

For exclusive review videos: YouTube/OneMinuteDrive
For Malayalam Review: Sudeep Koshy Reviews
YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 2.69K


Mallu Explorer is a Malayalam YouTube vlog managed by Akhil Vijay, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer residing in Abu Dhabi and a weekend YouTuber. Dedicated to delivering maximum value and entertainment through YouTube videos, Akhil covers travel, automotive, and lifestyle vlogs in Malayalam. His unique style of car reviews has earned him a global following.

By the way, let us show you one of the vlogs he made while he was at Stoub Biz Motors i.e. our showroom in Dubai 

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 145K


YallaMotor is your destination for all things cars, from popular, professional car reviews and walkarounds to feature highlights, event coverage, car launches, motor show reports, and interviews with key figures in the automotive industry. They also have a website where you can browse cars, compare prices, and contact used car sellers.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 66K


Kosandra Remix by Brian Kyeyune is a YouTube channel created by an avid automotive enthusiast who has a deep passion for supercars in Dubai. This channel is dedicated to providing thrilling supercar reviews, capturing the vibrant automotive scene in Dubai, and delivering an insider’s perspective on the world of luxury and high-performance vehicles in the UAE.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 5.98K


Mike Supercars TopSpeed is a dynamic YouTube channel hosted by Mike, a dedicated automotive enthusiast hailing from Miami. With a penchant for speed and style, Mike frequently embarks on captivating journeys to Dubai, where he immerses himself in the exhilarating supercar culture of the city. On his channel, you’ll find mesmerizing content that delves into the heart of the Dubai supercar scene, featuring in-depth reviews, high-speed adventures, and exclusive glimpses into the most exotic and powerful vehicles on the planet. Join Mike on his thrilling escapades as he revs up the excitement, one supercar at a time.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers – 462K 

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