Top 10 Dubai Based Youtube Channels For Car Enthusiasts


YouTube is a great place to find great content but it also a content mess when it comes to finding the right content. The YouTube search algorithm might push down great channels (new and old) based on the views.
So let us share our pick of the top 10 Dubai based youtube channel for car enthusiasts.
If you are a car enthusiast or a supercar fanatic like us. You should subscribe to the following YouTube Channels.


Well, that’s a no-brainer! If you are a petrolhead and not following Supercar Blondie, then you are missing out a lot on what is happening in the world of supercars.
Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie and her husband Nik Hirschi travels all around the world capturing exclusive video of exhilarating supercars and introducing them to the world through her Social Media Channels.
This Dubai based Radio Jockey turned Automotive Social Media Influencer could be the highest-paid motoring influencer in the world.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers: 4.97 Million


 Arab GT, an Arabic YouTube channel dedicated to all Car Fans and Motorheads around the world is simply a show not to miss. It’s a YouTube channel that provides the largest Arabic content for cars on the Internet, with exclusive coverage of the most prominent global events and follows up to the latest car news, in addition to detailed experiences for the latest car models.
Arab GT has produced more than 2300 test-drives around the world with more than 350 million views. Their fan page on Facebook is the second-largest automotive media in the world and the YouTube channel is one of the top 10 channels with the most subscribers.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 2.61 Million


 Drive Arabia is another popular Arabic Automotive YouTube Channel based out of UAE and is the Middle East’s most popular consumer automotive portal, with the most comprehensive car buying guide and the most detailed road tests.
They do extensive reviews of the car they pick and they pick a cool car to review.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 12.8K


Vandified is a young Automotive channel based in Dubai that reviews cars in Malayalam. It’s hard to believe that the channel was started this year and it’s growing fast and getting appreciation and attention from their Malayali audience in UAE.
The recipe for their growth is the production quality, great sense of humor, fun/engaging, and informative content along with a pure passion for cars.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 19.3K


 Motoring Middle East is a Motoring Channel with News, Views & Reviews from the Middle East & Beyond. This channel is lead by a team of authoritative and highly experienced car journalists.
What you would notice in this YouTube channel is a professional review about cars, videos that are insightful and knowledgeable yet very engaging till the end. If you are looking practical review for cars before you buy one for yourself, then definitely check this one out.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 14.6K


 DriveMeOnline is an interesting automotive YouTube channel manage by Sudeep Koshy, an advertising guru and car enthusiast/reviewer.
DriveMeOnline on YouTube complements the motoring website called that shows video content on test drives, car reviews, new car launches, unique motoring experiences, and even some curious stories unearthed along with the drives!
Sudeep’s strong command of voice, presentation, vocabulary, and deep knowledge of cars makes the review an interesting watch for even non-car guy.
He got other YouTube channels too.
For exclusive review videos: YouTube/OneMinuteDrive
For Malayalam Review: Sudeep Koshy Reviews
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – Not Published


Mallu Explorer is a Malayalam YouTube Vlog managed by Akhil Vijay, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer settled in Abu Dhabi and YouTuber by the weekend.
With a motto of giving maximum value and entertainment through Youtube videos, Akhil covers Travel, Automotive, and LifeStyle vlog in Malayalam.
His POV style of car review has earned him thousands of Nanbans (Friends) all around the world.
By the way, let us show you one of the vlogs he made while he was at Stoub Biz Motors i.e. our showroom in Dubai –
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 145K


YallaMotor is all about cars, starting from the most popular, professional, and up to date car reviews, walkarounds, feature highlight videos, events, car launches, motor show coverages, and interviews with referents from the car industry to buying a used car for yourself.
They also have you can browse cars, prices, compare, and contact used car sellers.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 41.2K


 AutoDrift Car Reviews UAE is a YouTube channel created by a team of automotive enthusiasts with a long-standing relationship and love for cars, it focuses on the latest car reviews, automotive news, and in-depth information on automotive service providers in the UAE.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 1.3K


Moshin Vlogs runs an Urdu YouTube Vlog that reviews mostly cars and gadgets in UAE. Most of the people who speak Hindi or Urdu prefer watching his vlogs to discover more about Cars and Abandoned Cars in Dubai, Others just watch his vlog for fun because it a fun vlog to follow and he is a cool vlogger.
YouTube Channel –
YouTube Subscribers – 648K

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